Abigail Drake

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Romance with humor, heart, and a dash of snark.

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Storyteller at Heart

Abigail Drake is the award-winning author of twenty novels, but she didn’t start her career in writing. She majored in Japanese and economics in college, and spent years traveling the world, collecting stories wherever she visited. She collected a husband from Istanbul on her travels, too, and he is her favorite souvenir.

Abigail is a coffee addict, a puppy wrangler, and the mother of three adult sons. She writes contemporary romance, women’s fiction, and young adult fiction. In her spare time, she blogs about her dog, Capone, and teaches writing classes for children at her local library.

Abigail is represented by Lauren Bieker of FinePrint Literary Management.

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Hearts, Flowers, and a Dog Named Al Capone


A woman longing for love. A man back from the dead. A dog who decides to play cupid.

When his owner, Miss Josie, goes on her honeymoon, the literature-loving Labrador Al Capone is left in the care of Miss Josie’s dearest friend, Ms. Anne Weston—just in time for Valentine’s Day. Capone knows the day is all about hearts and flowers, but Ms. Anne is celebrating alone. The only man she ever truly loved, Mr. Bennet O’Reilly, died in a drowning accident many years ago, and she’s never fully recovered from the loss.

But there is hope. After all, Capone was instrumental in helping Miss Josie find her Mr. Darcy. The least he can do for the lovely Ms. Anne (who makes him homemade dog treats and always knows just the right spot to scratch) is to help her, too. But Ms. Anne doesn't need a Mr. Darcy. What she needs is someone else—just as gentlemanly, but maybe slightly less dark and brooding. Someone who is kind and has her best interests at heart. Perhaps even someone she already knows, a gentleman with a fine countenance and an abutting estate.

Ms. Anne needs a Mr. Knightley.

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New Heights: A Forbidden Love Romance


A meaningless hookup turned into a mental trap. Traveling across the globe to an unfamiliar land, can she free her guilty heart for something better?

Samantha Barnes is ready to break out of her comfort zone. After a disastrous fling with a frat brother, she leaves for a semester abroad in Japan in hopes of an international adventure. But even when she meets a charming Scottish rugby player who feels like her soulmate, she allows her former mistakes to keep him at arm's length.

Taking the time to find herself in the Land of the Rising Sun, Samantha starts to fall for the sexy university athlete. But when tragedy strikes back at home, she fears unresolved trauma will prevent her from chasing the happiness she deserves.

Will Samantha learn to let go of the chains binding her to the past?

New Heights is the first book in the eye-opening Passports and Promises forbidden love romance series. If you like overcoming challenges, addressing dark issues, and heartwarming character growth, then you’ll adore Abigail Drake’s inspiring tale of fate.

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"Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale"

Hans Christian Andersen